An active database encompassing all the main decision makers across all sectors, refreshed to ensure up-to-date information and intelligence at all times.

Relationships with all key players particularly within the FTSE and Blue Chip arena.

Ability to monitor 'chatter' across social media platforms particularly Twitter.

Ability to monitor discussions within all the relevant channels and groups on LinkedIn, therefore providing insight into what the market is 'saying' in terms of need, cross-sector and cross-channel.

On-Site audits and meetings with your key staff for training requirements

Mentoring on an to an agreed ongoing level to set KPI's

Field support and relationship building training

Personnel development

Completely transparent investment, you pay for results. Our fees for both our business development and our training are based on what you need and choose to use us for, and nothing else.

Achoir (the art of new business).

Your challenges are our opportunities to shine.

“The art of new business.”

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